Over the years ATC Trading Sessions took place at many places in different countries. After i while i lost track of all the events - but here are some places where Trading Sessions are being hold for a long time on a regular basis, the first two since 1997 without a break, some others for over ten years:

zurich, switzerland - calgary, canada - regina, canada - milwaukee, usa - naskup, canada - kelowna, canada - vancouver, canada - genève, switzerland


some for a period of time or only once:

alexandria, canada - arnhem, netherlands - bellingham, canada - biel/bienne, switzerland - denver, usa - edmonds, usa - emeryville, usa - hamburg, germany - lethbridge, canada - lynwood, usa - lyons, usa - nijmegen, netherlands - ottawa, canada - oulu, finland - philadelphia, usa - port adeleide, australia - portland, usa - richmond, canada - sechelt, canada - shawville, canada - sonvilier, switzerland - stuttgart, germany - tampere, finland - tauranga, new zealand - toronto, canada - vancouver, canada - turku, finland - vernon, canada - wakefield/la peche, canada - waltensburg/vuorz, switzerland - winnipeg, canada

plus there were many others i heard of but never got further information. and there might be many others i never heard of.


Feel free to inform me about your ATC Trading Sessions!