we are building and running a permanent ATC exhibition archive which serves as a core/stock for further exhibition-performances. the Trading Session is still the main purpose of the “ATC - a cultural collaborative performance project” – shows are an ‘extra’, helping people to see the wide range of creativity involved in this project and to get involved in Trading Sessions.

the ATCs we get from you for the archive will not be returned: they will become part of the ATC archive (an ongoing project) and will be the core for further shows (the travelling archive exhibition).
the idea is that whoever wants to exhibit ATCs can ask for the travelling archive and will get a proposal for a show from our side. the archive is an ongoing project (exhibition-performance in progress) so you can submit your ATCs whenever you want. there is no deadline.

to be part in the ATCTA: send in up to 3 sleeves - 27 different ATCs – size: 64 X 89 MM; 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches, sign and date on the back. you can send in new ATCs at any time and for each new show.some participants have more than 27 ATCs in the ATCTA by now - and that is just fine!

send to:

m.vänçi stirnemann

rue fritz-marchand 34

ch-2615 sonvilier